Sewing Company in Somerton

At Needles and Pins Aerospace, we have a devoted team with over 50+ years of experience in the aerospace industry, offering a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in delivering professional, high-quality covers for all areas of the aerospace industry, from military to civil aviation.

With over 4,000 patterns on file, our devoted team here at Needles and Pins Aerospace will help ensure a timely, perfect product goes each and every time.

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What We Do

Hand Sewn

We use a blend of traditional and modern techniques, depending on the pattern and the clients requirements, ensuring a best in class finish every time.

Damage repair

We’re happy to repair your current cover, sometimes it only needs new clips, Velcro, another coat of sealant.

Laser scanning/3D modelling

We’re investing in Laser scanner/3D modelling equipment, so we produce a perfect fit more quickly than hand measuring.

Excellent workmanship

We pride ourselves on our expertise. Our team collectively has 40+ years combined knowledge of industrial textile sewing.

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